Keep Watch of Sugars

Keep Watch of Sugars

There are many types of sugar we find in our food. One of the most common sugar is fructose, which is considered the sweetest among the sugars. Inevitably this type of sugar is found in “junk” food such as candies and others. Soft drinks also has fructose.

But what does it do?

We all know what excess sugars can do to our health. It is most commonly linked in diabetes, which can cause other health complications. Being a sweet tooth may be bad if it gets out of hand. Obesity is also one of the cases seen linked to having high blood sugar.

Children then and now enjoy such candies and chocolates, but it is up to parents to control such before their children becomes one of many who are obese and has diabetes at an very early age.

How do we keep our blood sugars in check?

Control. Although we all love sweets, learning to control cravings to such should not before, especially now we know of the consequences of indulging too much. Smaller servings of cakes, candies and soft drinks sometimes is good. Resist the urge as much as possible when a large serving is so tempting.

Healthy alternatives. Fruits are one of the foods that naturally has sugars but are healthy for you, even having daily servings of it. Introducing fruits in a child’s diet at an early age lessens the possibility of being too hooked in candies and soft drinks.

It is never too late to start living healthy. Let this article be a friendly reminder of keeping sugars in check to avoid complications in the future.