How Vices Affect Health and Your Future

How Vices Affect Health and Your Future

A vice is believed to be an activity that has been a habit, a part of a lifestyle. Generally it means bad. When the term vice comes up, it usually means smoking, gambling, drugs or anything that can do harm in so many ways. But how does a vice have an effect to your health and your future? For one thing having a really bad vice like smoking or drugs directly affect the body badly everyday, even though one might not feel anything at first. That is what keeps it alive in our system.

Psychologically vices are dependence on a substance or habit and shows lack of self-esteem, love, attention or any other thing to do. That’s only the beginning of so many problems. It is a mind problem that can be solved not only by medicines but by therapy for a long time. That already is a sign that your mental health suffers.

How to avoid such problems? Have an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses and be your own medicine. The dependence on such vices shows that we seek satisfaction outside of ourselves, thinking it would make us happy. But lasting happiness starts from within. The acceptance of one’s faults and strength.

Health is affected when there is such awareness. It means we belong to the wellness-awareness generation. We indulge in a lifestyle that would make us happier long time without the long term bad effects of vices. Health also does not mean the physical aspect, it also means the condition of our mind. Whatever our minds conditions are, it is manifested in our bodies. The healthier the mind is, the better the bodies are.

Given we live in happier mind and body, it also means a brighter future for our friends and family. Less worries, and more time for them.

Develop the vice of being healthy in the mind and the body. Have a habit of seeing yourself in a future that has no problems given by vices such as smoking, alcohol dependence and drugs.