Dealing with Physical Pain? Think Happy Thoughts

Dealing with Physical Pain? Think Happy Thoughts

It seems that there are many good things brought to us by thinking positive and “happy thoughts” as studies prove a relation between emotions and physical pain.

When we get hurt physically, we experience sadness and depression because of the reasons we got hurt in the first place. Some person hurting us physically, accidents caused by nelgect that may have caused simple to severe pain, and many others.

But some researchers from U.K. have found the relationship between such sadness in amplifying the pain felt. According to an article: “Depression Can Make Pain Worse”:

….”depression may not only be a consequence of being in pain. It might actually exacerbate pain, making it worse than it would be for those in a positive frame of mind.”

Although it can’t be helped when it comes to physical pain, we have control over emotions everytime, no matter how we react to external stimulus like pain.

Here is a quick health tip: breathe deeply when experiencing such to calm the senses down and take control over the emotions. Taking control can limit the depression and even the effect the pain.

A positive outlook in dire situations can be proven to be helpful in minimizing the effects of bad situations in life like experiencing pain. A more controlled outlook in life is better then just reacting to everything that comes, that is where humans can be above other species, we have a more advanced copin mechanism due to the brain the we have.