Scientists Develop New Cervical Cancer Treatments

Using what they’ve dubbed a “DNA vaccine,” scientists have developed a new treatment for those already infected with HPV – the virus known to cause cervical cancer.

While a vaccine already exists to prevent the spread of HPV 16 and 18, as well as other strains of HPV that cause genital warts, this unique treatment plan was created to help those already infected. Unlike other forms of treatment which stimulate an immune response by exposing the body to bacterial or viral proteins, this vaccine was developed using DNA.

Using bits of viral DNA that code for a specific protein or antigen, the injection basically tells the host’s body to go into hyper-vigilant mode producing a stronger immune response against the HPV infected cells.

“Globally, you know, there is a large unmet need in terms of large numbers of women and men who go unvaccinated.  So the disease burden is there.  And our vaccine, if successful, has the potential to address large populations that are HPV-infected,” said Niranjan Sardesai is chief of research and development for Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a Pennsylvania company developing the therapeutic vaccine.

(Source: VOA News)

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We Are All Fatter Than We Initially Thought

New research suggests that the BMI measurement might be underestimating obesity. Slowly the nation reaches for its Snuggy and begins to weep.

According to the study, the BMI or Body Mass Index measurement might be missing up to 40% of obesity cases because quite frankly our old standard of measurement can’t factor in just how fat we’ve gotten. We have collectively broken the scale, so to speak. This happens a lot with people who have lost a lot of muscle mass – especially older women. The BMI mis-identifies excess fat as muscle.

“BMI is the least accurate test in medicine,” says Eric Braverman, one of the authors of the study. “It’s been around since 1832 and hasn’t changed. People are being told their BMI is [a healthy] 24, when their body fat is actually at 34 percent, which is obese.”

This becomes important when BMI is a determining factor on who gets treated for obesity and who doesn’t. Doctors are urging the medical community to move towards more accurate DXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) tests.

(Source: US News)

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Keep Watch of Sugars

There are many types of sugar we find in our food. One of the most common sugar is fructose, which is considered the sweetest among the sugars. Inevitably this type of sugar is found in “junk” food such as candies and others. Soft drinks also has fructose.

But what does it do?

We all know what excess sugars can do to our health. It is most commonly linked in diabetes, which can cause other health complications. Being a sweet tooth may be bad if it gets out of hand. Obesity is also one of the cases seen linked to having high blood sugar.

Children then and now enjoy such candies and chocolates, but it is up to parents to control such before their children becomes one of many who are obese and has diabetes at an very early age.

How do we keep our blood sugars in check?

Control. Although we all love sweets, learning to control cravings to such should not before, especially now we know of the consequences of indulging too much. Smaller servings of cakes, candies and soft drinks sometimes is good. Resist the urge as much as possible when a large serving is so tempting.

Healthy alternatives. Fruits are one of the foods that naturally has sugars but are healthy for you, even having daily servings of it. Introducing fruits in a child’s diet at an early age lessens the possibility of being too hooked in candies and soft drinks.

It is never too late to start living healthy. Let this article be a friendly reminder of keeping sugars in check to avoid complications in the future.

Social Effort to Wellness may Decrease Lifestyle Problems

One of the most pressing concerns regarding health is lifestyle diseases; diabetes, obesity and heart problems to name a few of the causes of death and sources of complications in this generation.

Some are discouraged to start because of many pre-conceived notions about wellness. Eating right and exercising may be too daunting tasks to being with at a certain stage.

Good thing there are non-profit groups in the community that help in answering the problems of inactivity and food awareness. One good example of a non-profit group is the exercise clubs in the community doing aerobics together and most of the times are of the same age class.

Being in a social group with a good cause like weight loss and health awareness is more encouraging because we find people of the similar characteristics in one way or another when it comes to weight or health conditions.

Some also larger non-profit organizations contribute by creating free gyms, seminars and meetings in answer to life’s health dilemmas.

Take advantage of such actions because not only it is free most of the time, we get to hang out with the community so weight loss and staying active can be more fun.

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Dealing with Physical Pain? Think Happy Thoughts

It seems that there are many good things brought to us by thinking positive and “happy thoughts” as studies prove a relation between emotions and physical pain.

When we get hurt physically, we experience sadness and depression because of the reasons we got hurt in the first place. Some person hurting us physically, accidents caused by nelgect that may have caused simple to severe pain, and many others.

But some researchers from U.K. have found the relationship between such sadness in amplifying the pain felt. According to an article: “Depression Can Make Pain Worse”:

….”depression may not only be a consequence of being in pain. It might actually exacerbate pain, making it worse than it would be for those in a positive frame of mind.”

Although it can’t be helped when it comes to physical pain, we have control over emotions everytime, no matter how we react to external stimulus like pain.

Here is a quick health tip: breathe deeply when experiencing such to calm the senses down and take control over the emotions. Taking control can limit the depression and even the effect the pain.

A positive outlook in dire situations can be proven to be helpful in minimizing the effects of bad situations in life like experiencing pain. A more controlled outlook in life is better then just reacting to everything that comes, that is where humans can be above other species, we have a more advanced copin mechanism due to the brain the we have.

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Keeping the Doctor Away is Best for Worry-Free Lifestyle

It may be a common misconception that the wellness and medical industry are compliments or one and the same. Most people would not believe that the wellness and medical industry are actually opposites.
The wellness industry is based on principles of total health, physical activity and diet awareness. Basically it is based on principles on avoiding health problems and complications.
The medical industry on the other hand is an industry facing health problems and complications every single time. Imagine a world when people are not supporting the principles of health and wellness, they end up dealing with the professionals in the medical field.
Which means more medical care won't make you healthier or less-prone to diseases, it may be more harmful than what others think.
According to an article in yahoo: "Overtreated: More medical care isn't always better":
"Anywhere from one-fifth to nearly one-third of the tests and treatments we get are estimated to be unnecessary, and avoidable care is costly in more ways than the bill: It may lead to dangerous side effects."
Which means studies show that people often go to the doctor with problems that are avoidable and not even necessary, contrary to the popular belief that doctors can make it go all the way.
While undertreatment is bad, overtreatment has in a way the same effect.
A health tip: Early detection and prevention is still better than cure, and the wellness industry has principles to make you sure that the doctors and and uncessecary medical costs (hospital bills, exams, medicines) is not in your mind right now.

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Being Fit Can Put Smiles in Both Men and Women

We all know the perks of having a healthy lifestyle and being far away from diseases. But little do some know that being fit and healthy has also helped in better sexual health in men and women.

Studies have shown that more men who have regular exercise has benefits like increased sexual function and less chances of erectile dysfuntion. This has something to do with the good blood flow to all parts of the body.

And of course being fit is now more of a turn on for women as studies show that men with less flab in the abs show signs of great health conditions which is perfect to bear offspring, like in the animal kingdom.

Smoking also can make or break it for some men and women. Most women do not like smokers because they say its like licking an ashtray” and other stuff like that. But women who avoid smoking or not smoke at all show signs of better urinary health. According to an article : “Sexual, Urinary Health Boosted in Exercisers, Nonsmokers”

To quote : “After the investigators adjusted the statistics so they wouldn’t be thrown off by factors such as medication use and lifestyle, the researchers found that former and current smokers were 1.8 to 2.7 times more likely to need to urinate urgently, and 1.7 to 3.0 times more likely to need to urinate more frequently compared to those who never smoked.”

read more from the source here

More smiles means healthy relationships. Exercise regularly and avoid smoking can make a better you in and out of the bedroom.

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How Vices Affect Health and Your Future

A vice is believed to be an activity that has been a habit, a part of a lifestyle. Generally it means bad. When the term vice comes up, it usually means smoking, gambling, drugs or anything that can do harm in so many ways. But how does a vice have an effect to your health and your future? For one thing having a really bad vice like smoking or drugs directly affect the body badly everyday, even though one might not feel anything at first. That is what keeps it alive in our system.

Psychologically vices are dependence on a substance or habit and shows lack of self-esteem, love, attention or any other thing to do. That’s only the beginning of so many problems. It is a mind problem that can be solved not only by medicines but by therapy for a long time. That already is a sign that your mental health suffers.

How to avoid such problems? Have an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses and be your own medicine. The dependence on such vices shows that we seek satisfaction outside of ourselves, thinking it would make us happy. But lasting happiness starts from within. The acceptance of one’s faults and strength.

Health is affected when there is such awareness. It means we belong to the wellness-awareness generation. We indulge in a lifestyle that would make us happier long time without the long term bad effects of vices. Health also does not mean the physical aspect, it also means the condition of our mind. Whatever our minds conditions are, it is manifested in our bodies. The healthier the mind is, the better the bodies are.

Given we live in happier mind and body, it also means a brighter future for our friends and family. Less worries, and more time for them.

Develop the vice of being healthy in the mind and the body. Have a habit of seeing yourself in a future that has no problems given by vices such as smoking, alcohol dependence and drugs.

Healthy Adults are Products of Health-Aware Parents

Not so long ago, health was a topic for the health-conscious or famous people who want to be in their tip-top shape. There was a time that diet meant preparation for vacation, a photo shoot or just for the people who are vain.

But comes the new generation of health consciousness, people no longer diet and exercise for celebrities and vain people, it became a necessity. Diet is not a word to be feared or to mean bland food, it is a word to look out for in everyone’s lifestyle.

It is sometimes so hard for some people to follow guidelines for a healthier lifestyle; especially if there are pre-conceived ideas about the whole concept of healthy lifestyle.

Parents nowadays take notice on the importance of starting young when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Because of the access in information, there are innovative ways to introduce children on the lifestyle of less diseases and a more active one.

Some of the advantages of starting young is when the lesser thoughts a child has on negative connotations of diet and exercise, the likely he/she will develop the habit of eating consciously and getting out there and being active.

Why does it say “eating consciously”? Diet does not always mean bland and tasteless food; there are many creative ways that children can enjoy good food without having to suffer the consequences of a bad eating habit.

Although it may sound good on paper, there are still parents who are not fully aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle to a longer and more satisfying life, thus the birth of early children that are obese or are ill.

We do not want a new generation faced with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or obesity, children are supposed to be enjoying life at a very young age, up to their adult stages. Developing the habit of being active and eating consciously is one of the best memories we want to leave them with.

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