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Associates Degrees in Medical Assisting

Earning an associates degree in medical assisting is beneficial for several reasons. While some medical assistants begin with a certificate or a diploma, medical assistants with a degree demonstrate to employers that they have a great understanding of the field. With a medical assistant degree, assistants may become eligible for more advanced career roles, leading to a higher salary.

Unlike a certificate programs, coursework for programs offering associates degree in medical assisting typically cover a broader range of subjects relating to the medical profession. Because of this additional classwork, medical assistant associate’s degree programs can last up to two years. During this extra time, students will take on a greater variety of coursework, better preparing them for everything from administrative duties to lab testing. Some schools that offer associates degrees in medical assisting even offer courses in specialized areas of the field.

Medical Assisting Degree Coursework

Pursuing an associates degree in medical assisting involves the completion of one to two years of coursework. Classes will generally cover all aspects of the job description, while some programs may offer specialized courses in more focused area. In addition, medical assistant degree programs generally include broader courses related to math, English, and science. Although specifics of the training will vary from one program to the next, students can expect at least some of the following courses:

Choosing a Medical Assisting Degree Program

There are several factors to help individuals choose between the long list of medical assistant schools available. Both community and junior colleges offer associates degrees in medical assisting, and even some vocational schools. Most areas of the country offer programs at local schools, although students may have to travel in some cases.

Finding an accredited degree program is also important. Some states and certifications require medical assistants to have a degree from an accredited institution. For more information about accreditation, visit the following sites:

For those seeking an associates degree in medical assisting, another option is enrolling in an online program. By attending an online school, students can work at their own pace from the comfort of their own living room, or anywhere else. Depending on the program, students will interact with students and teachers online, and complete lessons, homework, and tests on their computer. Earning an associates degree in medical assisting online offers great flexibility, but the option is ideal for people with self-discipline and strong organizational skills.

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